Here’s The Smart Way To Build A Custom Home
Or Remodel Your Existing Home

Custom Home Building

UBuildIt’s program for custom home building is the savvy way to build your dream home while saving $20,000 to $150,000+.

This program has already worked for thousands of people to build their own custom home – and almost all of them had NO specialized knowledge or experience in home construction. Your UBuildIt Construction Consultant will advise you, giving you the control and confidence to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

UBuildIt Custom Home Program Advantages

Instant Equity

Since builder margins typically average 20% to 25% on new construction, you’ll save all those costs, minus our project fee. These pocketed savings become instant equity – most of our clients build up to 25 percent more home for their money.

In Control, But Not Alone

Our unique program allows you to maintain complete control of building plans, hiring, budgeting, payments – everything – but with the skilled guidance of a home building expert.

Access To Our Proven Network of Subcontractors & Suppliers

One of the keys to success in building your own home is having access to the right subcontractors and suppliers. UBuildIt has years of experience in the local marketplace and has developed successful relationships with proven subcontractors and suppliers.