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UBuildIt Customers LOVE Their Results… 
AND The Instant Equity.
But We'll Let Them Speak For Themselves.

  • “We Ended Up Getting Exactly What We Wanted."

    Bob & Angie Peck knew from the start they wanted to build their home themselves. The savings of doing it this way would allow for upgrades, particularly in making the home more energy-efficient.

    Home Cost: $332,000

    Appraised At: $389,000

    Instant Equity: $57,000

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  • “Every Subcontractor Suggested By UbuildIt Was Excellent.”

    Bruce & Linda Booher had previously had a custom home built using a builder. This time, they decided they could do it themselves – as long as they had the right help.

    Home Cost: $533,490

    Appraised At: $685,000

    Instant Equity: $151,000

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  • “I Don’t See That We Would Have Gotten This Home Any Other Way.”

    Charlie & Shelby Yao had a vision of their perfect home for years. It turns out UBuildIt was the exact right choice to realize this dream home.

    Home Cost: $897,000

    Appraised At: $1,180,000

    Instant Equity: $283,000

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  • “We Finished With Almost $200,000 Of Equity!”

    Sean & Kim Thompson had built 3 previous homes, but this time they decided on UBuildIt to get more for their budget and to “make sure everything got done like we wanted."

    Home Cost: $728,000

    Appraised At: $903,000

    Instant Equity: $175,000

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  • Cost Just Over $200,000 To Build,
    Appraises For Over $300,000 When Finished

    Brian & Tiffany Roberson wanted to move to the country, so their children could enjoy the outdoors. Not only did they get that, they also got a home that appraised for one-third more than it cost to build!

    Home Cost: $206,000

    Appraised At: $305,000

    Instant Equity: $99,000

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  • Great Contractor Recommendations From UBuildIt,
    And A Finished Home They Love

    Hank & Dru Lepore knew they wanted to build themselves, but they were also scared of all the things they didn’t know about the process. UBuildIt turned out to be the exact guide they needed.

    Home Cost: $381,000

    Appraised At: $425,000

    Instant Equity: $44,000

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  • “It Was All Fun. We Would Do It Again.”

    You sometimes hear homeowners talk about the stress of remodeling, but that’s not how Mick & Julie Whiteaker felt about their huge remodeling project completed in partnership with UBuildIt. They told us afterward: “It was all fun. We would do it again.”

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  • “They Were So Great At Helping Us Track Expenses,
    Stay On Schedule & Answer All Our Questions.”

    Kristi & Jeff Oberlander were thrilled with the results of their remodel, and they also loved that UBuildIt’s consulting help them accurately budget the project.

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The UBuildIt Advantage


Build or remodel your home YOUR WAY — you can do whatever you want when you manage the project yourself! You’ll enjoy controlling every aspect of your project, including: careful selection of subcontractors, choosing the exact materials you want, checkbook control (no one gets paid until you pay them!), and much more.


Imagine how you’re going to feel turning the key to walk into your completed home for the first time after officially closing on it. Or walking into your completed remodel. It’s special —after all, it is YOUR creation. You dreamed it up. You designed it. You planned it. You chose the materials and contractors. Enjoy it!


When you’re saving money by building your own home, you can afford to spend some extra money on upgrades for your home. After all, you’re going to be living in your home or your completed remodel for a long time... so why not make it as nice as possible?


Getting the job done right starts with detailed planning of the project. We’ll sit down with you to determine your financing options and define your budget. Then we’ll help with every key step: design, bidding, material selection, subcontractor selection, quality assurance, and more.


We’ve all heard the horror stories of construction projects that dragged on way too long. While some delays are unavoidable (bad weather, subcontractor emergencies, etc.), the fact is most building delays are due to poor planning, lack of coordination, and lack of accountability. With a UBuildIt construction consultant on your team, these kinds of problems are greatly reduced.


When you work with a UBuildIt construction consultant, you can be confident that your home will come in very close to the original budget. We “know the ropes” and can guide you to every cost saving available, including things like designing with budget firmly in mind, discounts on materials from supply partners, minimizing typical mistakes, and much more.

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